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Windows and Patio Doors

Your windows not only bring the outside world into your home, but are also a part of your home’s décor, security, and climate control. Good, solid windows simply add enjoyment and value to your home.

RICE is a window specialist, and can give you a variety of options when choosing your windows and sliding glass doors. Whatever your needs, RICE can offer you countless designs and styles from PGTWinDoor, CGI, and other quality manufacturers.

Our windows offer unmatched strength and quality – all styles are offered in impact-resistant models, essential in minimizing tropical storm and hurricane damage. A variety of shapes and configurations are available, including half and full circles, trapezoids, octagons, arches, and many more (even custom shapes and sizes).

Our patio doors are of the same high quality as our windows, and installed with the same care. Choose from countless models – sliders, Colonial & French doors, any size, any opening.

RICE has unmatched expertise in making sure your windows and doors are installed correctly. In short, your installation will be tight, draft free, and will not leak. Your peace of mind is important to us, and you can rest assured your windows will serve you well for years to come.

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