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Windows in unusual places

If you’re planning a major remodel of your home or office, something you could experiment with is the position of the windows. Most rooms have fairly conventional placement for windows: right in the middle of the wall. That makes sense for most homeowners and businesses, but there are certainly drawbacks to that.

Taking up a large part of a main wall for windows reduces the space available for artwork, cabinets, or other furniture. In addition, there are privacy concerns. If your room is right by someone else’s home or a street, they can often see right in.

So how about putting your windows elsewhere?

Putting windows at floor height lets light into the room, while at the same time giving you maximum wall space for other items. It also keeps the glare of the sun off computer and TV screens. Another aspect to bear in mind is that if you have low windows you can open, you can have a cool breeze around your feet while you work or relax, especially in the fall evenings here in South Florida.

Take a look at these amazing;y creative design ideas from Houzz – maybe one of them will inspire you.

Click on the gallery for more information.

Low-set windows aren’t for everyone. They will be a considerable expense if they involve rebuilding an existing wall, but the results can be spectacular and unusual.

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