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Should you get your windows cleaned professionally?

Keeping your windows clean will preserve them in perfect condition for many years, as well as maximizing the value of your house. They’ll also improve the look of your property from both the outside and inside, as well as giving you the best possible light. In addition to removing dirt and grime, it’s also an opportunity to get rid of unwanted insect nests or other undesirable things. But washing windows is a chore that most of us would rather avoid. So perhaps you should consider having them cleaned professionally.

There are many reasons to consider going with a professional window cleaning company.

Save time

Cleaning your windows takes time. Even at just a few minutes per window, it’s a job that can take you all afternoon – time you could spend enjoying yourself. So let someone else do it. There’s an art to cleaning windows quickly and efficiently. An experienced window cleaner can clean your windows many times quicker than you can: a job that would take you several hours can probably be done in not much more than an hour – and if they have a team, they can get everything finished up in no time at all.

Improved safety

Every year, hundreds of people are injured or even killed washing windows – not just in huge office buildings, but in simple domestic accidents. The main cause is falling, often as a result of faulty or badly positioned ladders. For older people in particular, it can be a real danger, especially when trying to deal with tall windows or windows on upper floors. Lower windows usually don’t pose much of a problem, but for larger houses, this can be a serious consideration. Professionals can take care of such windows with much less risk.

They have the right equipment

A professional company will have suitable ladders for both inside and out, so they will be able to reach everything with ease. In addition, they’ll have all the appropriate cleaning tools and materials, and they’ll know what to use. Cheap window cleaning materials can leave streaks on the glass. Even worse, some types of window glass can be damaged if you use the wrong cleaners, and over time, it will become yellowed and opaque. You can buy everything you need, but it can be expensive for something you may only use a few times a year.

They can do more

Many companies will offer you a lot more than just window cleaning. After all, they’re bringing ladders with them anyway, so ask them if they can do a few extra odd jobs while they’re up there. For example, dusting off ceiling fans, chandeliers or blinds, changing light bulbs in high ceilings, or maybe even clearing out gutters or removing leaves from roofs. Ask ahead of time if they’ll do these extra services, and how much they would cost.

An experienced window washer will also be able to spot problems, such as leaky seals, damaged glass, badly fitting sashes, or inadequately fixed storm shutters. This will enable you to take care of issues quickly, before they become serious.

Things to consider

When you choose a cleaning company, there’s more to consider than just the price. A local “man with a van” might be perfect for your needs, but you may prefer to go with a larger, well-known company.

  • Find out if they’ll do extra services.
  • Check their reputation, especially if they’re going to be cleaning inside the house.
  • Find out if they’re going to bring a team, or if the cleaner works alone.
  • Check whether they’ll accept credit card payments, or if they’ll want cash.

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