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Seven signs it’s time to replace your windows

Replacing your windows isn’t something most of us want to do. We’ll put it off, and put it off, but eventually it becomes necessary. Here are the seven warning signs that your windows need replacing.

  1. There are cracks in the window glass. This is an immediate problem you should take care of. Your home is vulnerable to burglars, storm damage, and rain. The glass is weakened and could easily break if struck by a pet, bird, or child. And finally, your insulation is compromised.
  2. The frame is cracking or rotting. This is another cause for immediate action. Not only is the house vulnerable to intruders or weather as above, but insects could make their home in the wooden frame and compromise the structure of your home.
  3. You can feel drafts even when the window is closed. This is a clear sign that the frame no longer fits correctly. It may have shrunk or warped. or the actual window may have become deformed. And if air can get in and out, then the house isn’t properly sealed, so you’re either letting the warmth out in winter or letting the cool air escape in summer.
  4. Your double-paned windows get condensation or there is a buildup of frost. If there’s condensation or frost between the panes, the airtight seal has been broken. Although the window is still solid and safe, it’s not providing efficient insulation.
  5. In the summer, the glass is hot to the touch. If the glass is hot, then your window is letting that heat into the house. If you can’t shade the window, then replace the glass with a double-paned window or a more thermally efficient window.
  6. In winter, the glass is freezing when you touch it. This is less of a problem here in South Florida, but it’s the same principle as above.
  7. Sitting by the window feels colder than the rest of the room in winter. Once again, this is rarely a Florida problem, but it’s a clear indicator that your window is letting heat out and needs to be replaced with one that provides better insulation.

If your windows are in a sorry state, call us!

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