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Pros and cons of glass front doors

When you’re choosing a front door, the option of using glass for some or all of the door is one you should consider. However, they’re not for everyone, and they’re not ideal in every circumstance. Here are seven things you should bear in mind when you’re looking at whether a glass door or a glass panel is right for you.


Many homeowners are understandably concerned about security and whether a glass door makes it easier for intruders to enter your home. However, that’s less of an issue than you think. In Florida, your doors and windows are required to withstand the impact of debris from hurricane force winds. That means that the glass in your doors can easily withstand blows from a hammer or other object. If you opt for glass door, physical security isn’t something you need to worry about.



However, privacy is more of a concern. Unless you opt for frosted glass or you put up a curtain, people on the outside will be able to see right into your hallway. While intruders won’t be able to break through the door, they may well be tempted by what’s on display. And, of course, passers-by will be able to see you walking around your home.

Covering the door restores your privacy, of course, but then that negates many of the benefits of the glass door. If privacy is a major concern for you, then this type of doorway will work best if your home is secluded, or if you have a driveway with a fence or trees that give you some sort of barrier between you and the road or neighboring residents.

The view

As well as people looking in, think about what you can see when you look out. Is this a view you want? If you’ve got a great view, then a glass doorway enables you to make the most of it. On the other hand, if your neighborhood isn’t so great, then perhaps you’re better off shutting yourself away when you’re at home.



One of the greatest advantages of a glass door is that it lets the wonderful, natural Florida sunlight into your home. That immediately brings in a fantastic feeling of freshness and energy. Even if you have a lightweight blind or curtain, you’ll still get plenty of daylight illuminating your hallway or front room. And of course frosted glass will create the same effect.


On the other hand, that glorious Estero sunshine can quickly turn your home into a greenhouse, sending temperatures sky high and forcing your air conditioning into overdrive. If you have a north-facing entry-way, then it’s not a problem, but if you have a south-facing door, you will need to think about heat.

A glazed door is still an option in those circumstances, but you will have to pick appropriate materials. Don’t go for a cheap, single-paned option. Use well insulated double-paned glass with good UV protection. Also consider using tinted glass to reduce the heat impact even further.


To create a really impressive home, think about what you could do with stained glass. There are plenty of great styles available, or you could even go for a unique, custom design. How about incorporating your house number, your initials, or some of your favorite imagery?


Lastly, think about the effect on the value of your home. The front door will be the first thing that people see when they look at your house. What will look best? A solid, imposing, traditional wooden door? A lightweight, modern door? Or a stylish glazed door?

If you choose carefully, your front door could be a major selling point.

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  • Zequek Estrada  July 17, 2017 at 10:38 am

    It’s good to know that’s it’s better not to go cheap if you want glass doors. The entry way of my house could use some improvement. I imagine that installing a glass door will help make it compliment my house more.


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