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When you’re thinking about replacing your exterior doors, you have a wide range of materials to consider. One that you may not have expected is fiberglass. However, there are many reasons to evaluate this alternative to wood or PVC. Plastpro have been producing high quality fiberglass doors since 1994, and offer some of the best doors around. 

Wide choice of designs

If your main concern is the look of your door, then Plastpro’s range of design options has you covered. Fiberglass is easily molded and painted to replicate many other materials at a fraction of the cost. Whether you want traditional wood with a sensuous grain, or something clean, crisp and contemporary, there’s something in their twelve collections to suit you.

Not only do they offer many different choices for the main door material, they have a huge selection of designer glass options.


Energy efficiency and UV protection

As we’ve mentioned before, when you live in the Bonita Springs area, energy efficiency and protection from sunlight are important considerations when selecting the right doors and windows. Plastpro doors have a great seal all round, which ensures that they are highly efficient insulators, ensuring your house stays cool all year round and minimizing your air conditioning bill. Multiple panes of glass ensure that the insulation is efficient across the entire door.

The glass has low-e options, which cuts down the ultra-violet light entering the room. This reduces the “greenhouse effect” that you get with normal glass, and also protects your furnishings from fading or damage caused by sunlight. Some doors even offer internal blinds between the panes of glass, allowing you to block the light entirely.

Compared to most wood or steel doors, fiberglass is an ideal choice for those who are energy-conscious.

Impact resistance and durability

For customers whose primary consideration is security and reliability, Plastpro doors are once again an excellent choice for many reasons. Every door they offer exceeds all standards for impact resistance. For extra protection, their unique Impact Series includes a built-in missile-proof shield and specially formulated impact-resistant glass that has been engineered to withstand high-speed flying objects and debris.

Fiberglass is long-lasting and naturally resistant to the climate in South Florida. The humidity won’t affect it in the same way as wood. Fiberglass doesn’t rot, and doesn’t suffer from mildew or termites. Plastpro’s Hydroshield technology ensures that there’s a complete moisture barrier, keeping rain outside, no matter how severe the weather gets.

If you have a vacation home, you can relax all year round, knowing that your property will stay dry inside, even if we’re hit by a hurricane.


Rice Windows & Doors are proud to offer PlastPro doors as part of our selection of quality doors and windows. We’d be happy to advise you on their suitability for your home or office, and help you select the design that’s right for you.

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