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If we told you that replacing your windows could improve your health, you might think we were exaggerating. But reducing the noise in your bedroom will help you get a better night’s sleep, and that will affect your well-being in more ways than you may realize.

It doesn’t take much noise to disrupt your sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, noises at levels as low as 40 decibels (dB) can keep you awake or wake you from even the deepest sleep. That’s anything louder than a whisper – traffic, aircraft, or noisy neighbors can easily exceed 75 dB.

In 2008, scientists showed that night time noises in excess of 35 dB result in increased blood pressure, which in turn results in an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease and dementia. The Civil Aviation Authority in the UK recognizes the serious effect of aircraft on sleep disruption – each extra 5dB whenever an aircraft passes overhead results in a rise in blood pressure of 0.66 mmHg – enough to cause high blood pressure in an otherwise healthy person.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that long-term exposure to traffic noise could account for around 3 per cent of deaths from heart disease and strokes, as well as links to cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment in children, sleep disturbance, and tinnitus. They conclude that: “There is overwhelming evidence that exposure to environmental noise has adverse effects on the health of the population.”

According to WebMD, lack of sleep can be a major factor in many accidents, as well as tasks requiring critical thinking, depression, weight gain, memory loss, and even relationships. Many common health issues could be treated or prevented just by getting better sleep.

All of us can be seriously affected by poor sleep. Working adults can find their productivity declining, older people are more prone to illness, teenagers are more likely to suffer from mental health issues, children’s education and brain development suffers, and even newborn and unborn infants can be affected. The US Center for Disease Control estimates that as many as 10% of Americans suffer from poor sleep as a result of noise.

How new windows can help

Replacing your old single-pane windows with new double-pane windows will typically reduce the noise from outside by 25% to 50%. That’s enough to cut the noise from a busy street to a manageable background hum.  Soundproof windows are more expensive, but can result in almost total noise reduction.

If you live in a busy neighborhood, near an airport, or in a house with old windows, you’ll immediately notice the difference. Not only will you get better sleep, but your blood pressure will drop, and you’ll feel more healthy and alert in numerous ways.


You’ll also find you can turn the volume on the TV down once you’re not competing with external noise, and you can create a more relaxed atmosphere throughout the house. And it’s so much easier to enjoy a romantic evening when you can’t hear trucks, sirens, or the neighbors’ dogs!

Better sleep, better health, and a quieter home are just a few of the many benefits of replacing your windows. Call us and find out more.

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