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Make the most of natural light

One of the best reasons for changing your windows is that you can completely transform the interior of the room. By altering the amount of natural light coming in, you can convert a gloomy, oppressive space into an inspiring, invigorating place. 

Numerous scientific studies show that a room filled with natural light is beneficial in many ways, both at home and at work. It improves our health and increases our productivity. According to architects NBBJ, “researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology found that employees working in environments with natural light recorded higher levels of energy than those in artificially-lit workplaces.” On The Architectural Lighting blog, consultant Lisa Heschong says that when she interviews workers in daylit retail, commercial, and education spaces, “they consistently report how they love working there, and hope they never have to transfer elsewhere.” Psychologists at the Daylight Research Center in New York report that there is “little doubt” that lighting can affect the mood of people in a room.

And, of course, using natural light will help reduce energy bills. Although here in South Florida, there’s always the temptation to keep your drapes closed and blinds down to reduce the sun’s oppressive glare, there are many options for energy-efficient glazing that will keep the heat out and reduce damage from ultra-violet rays. There’s no reason not to keep those curtains open and enjoy the view and the light all day long!

We’ve collected some images from around the Web to inspire you – start dreaming about how different your home or office could be!

This tiny attic room in Prague from Czech designer Dalibor Hlavacek feels much larger than it is. The great use of space and light makes it perfect for a small home office, or a place to relax away from the family. See more on Pinterest.

The high windows in this living room create a very unusual feeling of openness, especially when combined with the clean, minimalist decor and the glass door to the right.  See more light-filled rooms at Houzz.

The full-length glass in this Vancouver room gives this room an airy, spacious feel. The light-colored decor and contemporary furnishings complement this to create a living and dining area that’s perfect at any time of day. See more at dwell.com.

Here, the natural light enhances the stone and wood of the walls and floor, and creates a magnificent room for sitting and looking out at the Greek island of Skiathos. Imagine looking out at the Gulf of Mexico as the sun sets – wouldn’t that be truly wonderful? More contemporary interiors at dwell.com.

And finally, this superb article from Houzz is filled with ideas for bringing light into your house. Think beyond just the windows: glass interior doors can let light spill into dark hallways and change the feeling of every part of your home. That hallway no longer feels like a dead end: the glass door opens up the room and transforms the hallway.

We hope we’ve inspired you to think about the possibilities!

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