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Innovative bathroom windows

Bathroom windows provide something of a challenge. While you want to create a light, airy room, you don’t want people to be able to peer in. Blinds and curtains aren’t always an ideal solution, since they can get damp and moldy in a humid environment. But there are other solutions.

Use high windows

If you put your windows up high, you’ll allow plenty of natural light in without any risk of being seen. The down side is that you have no view from your bathroom, but on the other hand, this does allow you maximum space for bathroom cabinets, decorations, or hanging towels.

As the third picture shows, you can get away with a large expanse of fully clear glass, creating a magnificently open look. If you prefer the traditional look, that can also work well.

Frosted glass

The simplest solution is often to use frosted glass to prevent people seeing in.  The main drawback here is that at night, they may be able to see silhouettes: you’ll have to decide for yourself whether that’s a level of privacy you’re comfortable with.

You also lose the view from your bathroom window: that may not be a problem if you’re looking out over the street or your neighbor’s yard, but if you have a great view of the South Florida coastline, that may not be what you want. One option is to go for partially frosted windows. This increases the light, but also gives you a partial view. It may not be ideal, but it’s better than nothing.


Finally,you have the option of shutters. These give total privacy when closed, but allow you the maximum view and light when open. You have minimal risk of mold, although louvred shutters will need regular cleaning, and they look stylish and unusual.

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  • Brandy Acord  September 28, 2017 at 6:38 am

    Where can I buy the awning style windows with grids like in the second picture in this article?
    Thank you!


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