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Glass doesn’t have to be see-through

When you think of a window or a glass door panel, you naturally think of clear panes. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many different options for other types of glass, which can be more appropriate for different circumstances.

Why wouldn’t you want clear glass?

The main reason is privacy. If the glass isn’t transparent, then although it will let light in, other people can’t see inside the room. In some circumstances, that can be a huge benefit. It can be relevant in both domestic and commercial environments, such as offices or bathrooms.

However, that’s not the only reason to go with etched or frosted glass. From a purely esthetic and design perspective, it can add a unique element to your room. It’s a particularly good way to add your own style to a glass door panel, for example, or for windows at the side of a door.

Etched windows can be a great way for business signage. On exteriors, it’s a good way to help people locate your business, and inside a building, it’s a refreshingly different way to identify meeting rooms or specific offices.

Frosted glass is also more energy-efficient than clear glass. By reducing the amount of sunlight that gets into the room, you’re keeping the heat down, which will cut down on your AC bills. And, as an added bonus, it will reduce damage to furnishings, carpets, ornaments and artwork caused by UV light.

And finally, it’s a safety consideration. It can be all too easy to walk into a glass door, either in an office or at home. Putting some kind of pattern on the door makes it easier to see, and reduces the likelihood of painful or costly accidents.

Types of glass

There are four types of glass you can consider:

  1. Frosted: a uniform opacity that makes the glass translucent but impossible to see through.
  2. Patterned: there are a wide range of patterns such as ripples or more elaborate designs. Unlike other forms of glass, patterned glass is often not flat, which is part of its charm.
  3. Etched: this is the perfect solution for more complex designs or for custom etched work such as corporate logos.
  4. Tinted: colored glass is a cheap but unusual alternative for a variety of situations. There are many colors available, from strong primary colors to lighter colors such as lavender and sandstone.

Where to use etched or patterned glass

There are many ways you can use etched or patterned glass: here are just a few ideas for your consideration.

  • In bathroom windows to prevent people looking in
  • Around shower stalls
  • On interior doors and skylights to allow light through the house
  • In offices to create interior partitions
  • On commercial exterior windows to act as signage
  • On patio doors so they’re easier to see

Talk to us about the options available for different types of glass.

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