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Here’s an easy question for you – what shape is a window? It’s square or rectangular, isn’t it? Every kid knows that. 

Child's Drawing

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Why not be bold and consider some unusual and eye-catching alternatives?

Changing the shape of your windows is a superb way to give your home or office a unique, individual look. Look around – almost every building has the same shape windows. With just that one single design change, you’ll make yours stand out.

From inside, you’ll immediately create a different feel to the room. It’s no longer a space created by straight, parallel lines. It has curves, it flows, and perhaps most importantly, it feels as if it was designed that way, not merely a standard space to which you’ve applied decoration.

You can see how adding an arch to this window brings in a feeling of opulence and elegance, as well as using the dead space above the window to bring in more light and make the room feel larger. Instead of framing it with drapes to add shape and texture, the window itself has become a feature that looks good enough to stand alone and deserves to be presented.


From outside, you’re giving the building both class and style.

With square windows, this house would look much like any other. The unusual window shape changes the whole frontage of the house and makes it look like some thought was put into its exterior appearance.


Is there a catch?

Unusual shaped windows are, generally speaking, a little more expensive. They also cost more to install, because you will need to reshape the aperture and rebuild the wall to accommodate the new window.

On the other hand, adding a striking architectural feature like a distinctively shaped window can add value to your home and increase the likelihood of a sale. A realtor will be quick to point out something like that as evidence that you’ve put a lot of thought into the design of your home, and as a unique selling point that will make your house stand out among the many others the prospective buyers have looked at.

One thing to be aware of is that some shapes of window are unsuitable for opening. However, this is rarely a problem  for windows in inaccessible places, such as above doors. And in South Florida, how often do you open your windows anyway?


Types of window

You’re not limited to just round or arched windows either. Manufacturers like PGT offer a huge range of different shapes to suit any type of residential or commercial building: half circles, triangles, octagons, hexagons, and more. Take a look at a few of the options they supply.


Now imagine what you could do with those shapes!

When it comes to your windows, be adventurous and have a little fun – let your creativity run wild and give your home or office a distinctive look that’s sure to draw admiration! Talk to us about the many different choices open to you.

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