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Checking your window installation

When you get your windows replaced, you want to be sure the contractor has done a good job and that you’re getting the quality of work you paid for. We’re proud of the work we do, but we also want our customers to be happy with their new windows. We encourage you to check everything carefully once the job is finished, so you can be satisfied that everything is as it should be.

Here’s what to look for.

You’ll need a spirit level and a tape measure. If you don’t have a level you can download an app for your smartphone – or else ask the contractor to borrow theirs. 

Are the windows level?

Put the spirit level on the window sill and make sure the windows are absolutely level. The bubble should be between the two lines on the level.

Are the windows square?

This shouldn’t be an issue with ready-made window panels. If the windows aren’t absolutely square, it means they’ve been forced into place. Measure the diagonal from the bottom left to the top right corner of each window. Then measure from the bottom right to the top left. The measurements should be absolutely identical. If they’re not, then the window is distorted.

Are the windows straight?

Put the level flat against the inside or outside window glass, and make sure that it’s absolutely vertical, not leaning in or out.

Is everything properly sealed?

Incorrect sealing can let rain or moisture into your home, and will affect the efficiency of your air conditioning. In the Lee County area of Florida, that can be a huge problem. Check the edges of the window frames carefully  and make sure that the sealant is unbroken where the glass joins the frame, and where the frame joins the wall.

Do the windows work properly?

This may seem obvious, but make sure you can open and close all the windows as you’d expect. Open them all the way, and make sure that they move smoothly. Nothing should rattle or stick.

Do the locks work?

Another simple check: just try all the locks and make sure you can lock and unlock every window. Locks should turn easily, and you shouldn’t have to force anything.

Make sure you check every single window. It’ll only take you a few minutes, but it’ll give you peace of mind and you’ll avoid any potential problems later. If you find anything you’re unhappy with, tell your contractor right away. We guarantee to fix any issues, no questions asked.

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