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Are you ready for hurricane season?

Last week, the 2015 hurricane season officially began. We’ve been lucky for the last few years in Florida. It’s been a long time since the last major hurricane hit us, but that’s no reason to be complacent. In fact, quite the opposite. That makes it even more important to check that your home or office is secure and able to withstand severe weather.

The typical hurricane season peaks in early September, but we could get struck any time in the next six months. Once August begins, we’re likely to see a major storm every week at least, and within a month, they could well be a daily occurrence. Not all of them will make landfall, obviously, and many will miss the Estero area completely, but the risks are clear to see.

Your obligation as a home-owner, and to your family, pets, employees, or customers is to ensure that you’re fully prepared for any emergency.  Hopefully, you’ll never need any of these, but make sure you have:

  • Up to date information on alerts and emergency information
  • A preparedness kit allowing you to survive several days without power, internet, or fresh water
  • An evacuation plan so you and your loved ones can get out of the area if necessary

Once you have all these in place, then it’s time to check your property carefully. All openings to the building – windows, skylights, and doors – must be capable of withstanding high winds and rain. Cracked or broken panes of glass can easily shatter under the force of the elements. Poorly fitting frames can be torn out of the wall. Once either of these happens, then your entire property is at risk, as are the contents and any occupants. If the wind can get inside, the roof can be ripped away, and water will find any way in.

Ideally, consider adding hurricane screens or shutters for maximum protection. Glass alone may not be strong enough if a major hurricane hits us directly.

Replacing doors or windows may be expensive, but consider the alternative. Even if insurance covers most of the cost of repair, the disruption and heartache of seeing your home wrecked simply isn’t worth it. Call us now, and get it fixed before the 2015 hurricane season hits us full force.


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