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Replacing a normal wall with floor to ceiling windows is not just a great way to add style to your home but also to add natural light. The look of a “glass wall” can work in any room, and it’s up to you whether you want to do just one wall or more than one. Bring on the light and the views.

Look at this glorious sunroom. What a perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee. Plus those windows can be lowered to let in air or for ease of cleaning. The light wood of the walls and floor really add to the light effect and make for an airy, bright addition to any home.

This simple rectangular design uses both doors and windows to bring light into the room. The equally sized panes in simple black add contrast and a sense of cohesiveness. The design of the door works perfectly with the windows and makes it easy to get to that lovely patio the glass shows off for your guests.

The arched style of these windows makes for a beautiful look in a more formal room, but it could also work in a family room or kitchen. This is an example of how window shapes and sizes can transform the look of a room and give it a classic touch that calls to mind Victorian mansions and classic elegance.

This modern style with panes that open on the bottom rather than the top is a way to turn traditional design on its head, literally. So much light comes into this room, and all the lines match the modern architecture of the home perfectly. Whether you are looking out or looking in, a room like this can be the focus of any home.

Vaulted or uneven ceiling but still want that floor to ceiling window look? This room shows that it’s not only possible, but gorgeous. The stepped design is artistic in its own right and is a perfect wall of dark wood, clear glass, and black panes. The wrap around on either side adds even more light and style, and letting the side walls be uneven is an ideal choice for spacing concerns. Everything works together to create a perfect look.